Code Yo' Choreo Morning Dance

You'll find a group of dedicated dancers on our basketball courts, from 7:30-7:55am every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning (weather permitting). Students are welcome to join in on the exercising fun as long as they have their QKS T-shirts, covered shoes, and have eaten breakfast. We started morning dance three years ago and after lots of trial and error, we've developed a system that works for us. Now, lots of students of each gender fill the courts and you'll often find a sprinkling of parents and teachers too! There is always a certified teacher to ensure the safety of the students and there a are many parental eyes to help keep an active watch out for each keiki.
The coolest part of the dance routines is that we have begun to link the choreography to technology classes, that all preschool-5th graders attend weekly. PD taught us how we can interweave dancing into our offline coding lessons- what a golden opportunity!! Now, each Queen Ka‘ahumanu Student has been learning coded choruses to our favorite morning dances. Most of the dances are choreographed by our technology teacher, and some dances have been collaboratively created with student input! Favorite QKS Day (our "May Day" that celebrates the birthday of Queen Ka‘ahumanu) dances have been choreographed by homeroom teachers who have given us their permission to use their choreo.
Upper grade students have been programming Wonder Worshop Dash robots to dance, with blockly coding. It has been extraordinarily fun learning computer science skills both online and offline!!