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If your child is interested in computers, programming and constructing machines, our Robotics Program can provide the perfect environment to develop his/her talent and skill! The Robotics Program is open to students in grades 2-5 and meets after school. Students are required to fill out an application and meet specific criteria in order to participate in this exciting, challenging program. We seek new recruits in the month of April.



This school year 2019 - 2020, we have 15 students participating in our Robotics program. We have a Junior Lego group and a VEX IQ group. See the exciting Robotics challenges that are happening right now as we begin our season.




FIRST® programs support educators by engaging students in STEM learning and preparing them for the future through hands-on fun while helping kids transfer STEM concepts to real-world applications.

I’m a firm believer in FIRST – it boosts confidence, builds collaborative skills, and is hands-on. It takes the best of pedagogy, and best practices in Education, and brings it all together.

Urvi Shah, Stoneridge Catholic School, Bethesda MD

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FIRST® is a robotics community that prepares young people for the future through a suite of inclusive, team-based robotics programs for ages 4-18 that can be facilitated in school or in structured after-school programs. As the world’s leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing STEM education, FIRST merges the rigor of STEM learning with the fun and excitement of traditional sports through an expanded team structure. For over 30 years, FIRST has fostered hands-on STEM learning, interest, and skill-building well beyond high school. Whether it’s finding their people or finding their path, students will gain the skills and confidence with FIRST to forge ahead and build their future.





Current Challenge 2020-2021




VEX IQ Challenge Rise Above is played on a 6’ x 8’ rectangular field configured as seen above. Two robots compete in the Teamwork Challenge as an alliance in 60 second long teamwork matches, working collaboratively to score points. Teams also compete in the Robot Skills Challenge where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of Driving Skills Matches, which will be entirely driver controlled, and Programming Skills Matches, which will be autonomous with limited human interaction.



Hope everyone is safe, healthy and keeping the distance. Looking for something to do with robotics.....sign up with and you can get free lessons to do online. Try it out.