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Journal writing in the classroom offers a variety of benefits for students and teachers. 
Journal writing encourages children to reflect and take charge of their learning and their feelings. When students do formal journal writing when they are reading, they are able to make connections between the content they are reading, what is really important to them, and the real world. Journal writing when tied to curriculum allows the student to record their own individual journey through the academic world.

When students are doing informal journal writing, students can be encouraged to freely record their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. This helps students to feel less restrained when expressing themselves, and allows them to organize their thoughts and prepare responses that can give them confidence when participating in larger group discussions.
Stay consistent with journal writing and encourage students to document their thoughts, feelings, activities, and new learning every day so that they can look back and be reminded of how much they have grown as a writer and person.
Journal Prompts:
  1. Summarize about what you read. Why is this information important to you or your life?
  2. What did you learn from _____? Why is this lesson important? How will you use this lesson in your life?
  3. How did reading that make you feel? Has this happened to you before? What happened?
  4. What is something you're grateful for today? How did this change your mood?
  5. Have you done something kind to someone today? Tell about it.