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Thank you for working with us to help your children as they learn English.


Since we are unable to have our annual EL Parent Year-End Meeting that had been planned for the month of April, we would like to provide you with some handouts that contain suggestions on how to help your children at home.  These handouts are from the Colorin Colorado website, a resource that the State lists as a suggested site for English Learners.


You should have already received an EL Learning Packet recently that provided suggested activities in the language areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.  These areas are important since they provide a foundation for the children as they study the different content areas in school.


The handouts in this parent packet provide suggestions on how to support your children in the content areas of Math and Science.  One of the handouts focuses on building vocabulary, something that is important in any content area.  Lists of books are also provided as additional resources.


Here is the list of handouts:

Measure Up!  (MATH)

The Vocabulary of Science (SCIENCE)

Think Like an Inventor (MATH and SCIENCE)



We hope that these handouts will provide you information on some ways that you can help your children at home.