Na Keiki o Ke Kula o Kaahumanu

The Children of Kaahumanu School


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.  

At our school, Queen Kaahumanu Day (or QK Day) is OUR May Day.

This special event happens during the second week of May and features performances by our students.  This event is supported by our entire Q.K.S. ohana. 


The purpose of the event is to provide the students of Queen Kaahumanu School the opportunity to show evidence of learning experienced in the performing arts through the demonstration of quality performances.


Students practice the grade level dances that they will perform for their families and the invited guests.  (See pictures of our talented students during one of our previous schoolwide practices in the slide show below.  They are awesome!)


Ladies from the Ahahui Kaahumanu Society, members from the State and District Offices, and representatives from the community are invited guests to the event.


The event culminates with a performance by the Royal Hawaiian Band.


It is a day filled with ALOHA!


Due to the school closure this year, we were unable to have our annual QK Day event. 
But, what if we had QK Day this year? 
Let's use our imagination.....
Imagine that you are sitting on the school basketball courts with your homeroom.  You hear the announcement that your grade level will be performing.  You take your position on the courts.  You hear the song for your performance start. You start performing.  You hear the applause.  GREAT JOB!  
To give you a better experience, listen to the song that was to be used for your grade level performance as you imagine that you are a participant in QK Day 2020.
QK Day 2020 Songs 
Click on the links to hear the songs. 
(Note:  The arrangements of the songs may differ from the ones that your grade levels had planned to use.)
Everyone:  Star Spangled Banner
Everyone:  Hawaii Ponoi
PreK:  Baby Shark
Grade K:  A Beautiful Day
Grade 1:  Sophisticated Hula
Everyone:  Hawaii Aloha
May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
May Day is a special day.  We celebrate it in a special way in Hawaii. 
Show your appreciation for this day by coloring the pictures in the attachments below.  Write an essay about why you feel that Hawaii is a special place on the back of the pictures.
Pictures are from Ben Franklin Crafts
Make a Braided Ribbon Lei for
May Day
Use ribbon to make a beautiful lei.  See the video in the attachment below for instructions.
See the attachment below for the project sheet.
Instructions from Ben Franklin Crafts and the Joy of Crafting.